How to Eat an Apple

A Social Experiment of One Continued

I took my first grocery shopping trip this past Thursday. I was low on milk so I decided to stop at Krogers on the way home from work. As the best budget shoppers know you should shop with a list and here’s the key – stick to it. My list was: milk, salad greens, coffee, and easy to pack produce for lunches and snacks. Before entering the store I took a minute and mentally walked through what I already had at home making sure I had not forgotten anything. Nope. List complete.

First stop was milk. I prefer whole milk because it tastes better. I prefer Calder’s milk because it’s right from the farm and always tastes great. You can even get it it non-homogenized. Which means I can skim the cream off the top for my coffee. It’s also more expensive than the ultra-pasteurized mass-produced store brand. It was a no-brainer, I bought the Kroger brand. It is milk and provides nutrition at a much lower price – and it was on sale for 20 cents off the half gallon.

On to produce. The first stop for me in produce is the rack with sale produce. This is produce that is starting to age, the appearance isn’t perfect, or is bruised. At Krogers bags of this produce are 99 cents, and bananas on this rack are only 45 cents a pound. Whether or not I’m on a budget this is always my first stop. You can get some great deals here. I scored! I picked up a bag of 4 plums and a bag of 4 red apples at 99 cents each

My favorite leafy green for salad is spinach. I’m especially partial to the baby spinach. Bagged greens are convenient, but priced more than just buying fresh. The bagged greens were on sale, but still more than buying a bunch of grown up spinach (as opposed to the small tender leaves of baby spinach) at $1.99 a pound. I opted for the bunch of spinach. I can get 2-3 salads out of it and even use some leaves on sandwiches.

The last stop was coffee. This is the only foray down an aisle this trip. My favorite brand is Peet’s. So, I bought Peet’s. It’s usually $8.99 a bag, today it was on sale for $7.69. As you gasp at this extravagance I’m saving a fortune by not swinging by the the local coffee stand on the way to work. $9 will only get me two specialty coffees at he stand. $9 (actually $7.69) for Peet’s will get me lots and lots of specialty coffees made to perfection before I even leave the house.

Which circle back to whole milk – it makes the best foamed milk for cafe a lait, flat whites, or cappuccinos.

Total spent: $12.57

How to Eat an Apple

On the way home I ate an apple. Here’s how i ate it. I pulled the stem off and began eating at the bottom of the apple. I ate it core, seeds, and all. It was delicious and no waste. I have always eaten apples this way according to my mom.


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