My Next Grand Adventure

I have found the best way to look at life’s obstacles is to view them as adventures. I have also found my faith in God a reassurance beyond all measure that things will always work out for the best.

A few of you know this, and now the rest of you will, that I lost a job I absolutely loved right before Christmas. I waited until after the holidays to let most folks know simply because I didn’t want to bring others down during this festive time of the year.

What have I accomplished over the last couple weeks of joblessness? I’ve updated my resume, posted it on job search websites, applied for unemployment, and have applied for several jobs. This unexpected time off gave me lots of time to knit – presents finished for Christmas on time, miracle of miracles.

Oh yeah, and I started a charity with the help of several friends who boosted my original Facebook post.

A friend of mine from childhood – we met in a local Pioneer Girls Group many years ago – wanted to teach her daughters the value of giving to others. Several years ago they began preparing gift bags for the men of the Detroit Rescue Mission to be given out Christmas Eve. The bags include toiletries, socks, gloves and other goodies like candy. Every year they up their goal of how many to put together. 2015’s goal was 200 and was met. How did they meet this goal? Through a network of friends across the U.S. who donate all of the necessary items. Community in action.

In 2015 I volunteered to knit as many pairs of mittens as I could. I got a late start and was only able to donate six pairs. My goal for 2016 is to have a pair for all 200 gift bags. This is more than one knitter can knit in a year unless he/she has unlimited time. So I posted on Facebook:

A story problem for my local crafty friends.

If 17 pairs of mittens a month = 204 pairs of mittens a year. How many     crafters committed to:

One pair of mittens a month would it take to complete all 204 pairs?

One pair of mittens every two months?

Every three months?

And any combination of commitments.

Mittens can be knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted and so on.

Wanna play along?

I’d love to get a group together and I’d love to be able to take 200 pairs of handmade mittens to XXXXXXXXX for the Detroit Rescue Mission next year.

A non-knitting friend boosted my post to several of her knitting friends who boosted the post further. So, between my friends, her friends, and their friends we have over a dozen knitters and crocheters volunteering. How exciting is that? Eventually I would like the group to expand to enough crafters that we can provide warm knitted/crocheted/sewn/felted goods to additional charities in cold weather climates.

So, Mittens for Cold Hands was started. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. It takes a community.

Mittens for Cold Hands Facebook Group


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