The Power of Positive Dreaming

Here’s the bottom line. I love working here on the farm.  Yes it’s hard work, but its good hard work (and entertaining.) Just this morning I slid across the barnyard (which is slicker ‘n snot right now because of the rain) and did not fall down! I was amazing.  If there was an Olympic category of mud sliding I would have scored a perfect ten.

This is what I do first thing in the morning – even before breakfast and coffee:

  • Let the chickens out
  • Feed and water said chickens
  • Entertain the livestock by my impressive mud sliding
  • Count the sheep – if any are missing go check the South pasture
  • Check to see if any are looking ready to lamb (little Andre – whose paternity is in question –  is the only one so far. No other lamb has made an appearance)
  • Feed and water the sheep
  • Feed and water Chewy and the wether (this is entertaining in itself, see previous blog)
  • Watch little Andre caper about
  • Retrieve Thomas the Cat from wherever he’s hiding and escort him out to vole catching duty

So, the question becomes, “How do I make this a permanent lifestyle change?”

First step: Check your Resources

What do you have?

  • How much land do you already own? 0 acres
  • Is there a house? Barn? Other outbuildings? Um, no.
  • How much money do you have saved for a down payment? Er, ah, I need money?
  • What kind of farm equipment do you already own? Does a Mazda Miata count? I can probably fit one sheep into it. J
  • Do you have good boots? Yes, I have good boots.

Yeah! My assets consist of a pair of good boots! I’m almost there.

Second step: What additional resources do you have access too?

  • A rich husband who is madly in love with you and will financially cater to your every whim? No, but I could join FarmersOnly, there are good looking rich farmers, right?
  • A bank that will finance 100% at a 0% interest rate for an indeterminate amount of time? Um, no.
  • Someone you can go into partnership with? Possibly…maybe…er, let me ask around.

Okay, what can you offer a potential partner?

  • Knowhow! I’m learning all about caring for sheep and chickens.
  • Knowhow! I’m learning all about selling eggs and lambs and wool.
  • Knowhow! I’m learning all about raising and caring for honeybees.
  • Knowhow! I’m even learning how to garden (I still hate weeding, though).

Whohoo! I’m almost there. I have good boots and I’m getting knowhow! Who wouldn’t want to partner with me?!

Um, you have faith, right?

You betcha! With God’s help I can make this happen.  He has a soft spot for shepherds.



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