The Cat who was Afraid of Chickens

Thomas is a handsome cat who lives in a blue house. His thick fur is tabby on top and white on the bottom. He has large green eyes. If he had his way he would spend his whole day either napping on the down comforter or in a sun patch on the floor.

Thomas knows the sentence, “Time to go outside.” Whenever he hears it he knows to run and hide.  This morning he hid where he thought nobody would find him.

Andrea looked under and behind all the furniture in the living room. J looked under and behind all the furniture in her bedroom.  They knew Thomas couldn’t be in Andrea’s bedroom because she always keeps the door closed. Andrea looked in the living room again while J looked upstairs. No Thomas to be found.

J went  to check her bedroom again while Andrea headed back upstairs. 

J said, “He can’t be up there.  There’s only the hallway. All the room doors are closed”

Andrea said, “It can’t hurt to look.”

Sure enough, no Thomas. Andrea had to agree with J. As she started back down the stairs something caught her eye. A furry face in between the banister and the folds of a quilt hung over it. Thomas was found and outside he went.

Most things about outside are fun. Thomas knows how to climb on the roof.  He likes to walk around and look in the breakfast nook window. Sometimes he presses his nose against the glass and asks to come back inside.  Andrea and J say, “No Thomas, it’s time to be outside.”

There is a small orchard and garden to explore.  Sometimes Thomas goes over there.  He’s supposed to be hunting voles and mice, but how can you concentrate on hunting when the chickens are out?

Thomas is afraid of the chickens.  When he sees one he runs away as fast as he can. Even away from the little grey one who thinks he’s kinda cute.  One time she followed him all the way up the driveway.

Chickens are everywhere. Thomas has seen them in the garden.  Thomas has seen them in the barn. Thomas has even seen them in the pasture with the sheep. The chickens run fast.  The only thing more scary than a chicken is two or three of them running right towards you. Okay, maybe the sheep are scarier yet.

Thomas is glad he knows how to climb trees.  Thomas is glad he knows how to get on the roof. Thomas is glad when it’s finally time to come in at night and have his dinner, sleep on the down comforter and dream of new places to hide.



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