I don’t reblog a lot. But, occasionally someone else’s blog really jumps out and this is one. For those if you not in the know a month ago I chucked my j.o.b. to follow my dream by interning on a local farm. The following blog echoes my thoughts on what it takes to follow your dreams. It’s not bravery, it’s not guts. For me it was coming to the conclusion, “If not now, when?” And having the faith (in my case in God) and stepping out and doing what it takes. Do I sometimes think, “What was I thinking?” Of course! This little bit of doubt keeps me asking the right questions and reaffirms in my soul that God has me in his hand.

The EcoFeminist

Preface: I wrote this post originally as a submittal to Tiny Buddha, only to be told that too many people are talking about taking chances in their writing so they weren’t going to publish mine.  Funny, some sites like this ask for blog submissions without saying what areas they’re actually looking for people to write, then reject you for not being able to read their minds.  Another site asked me to suggest topics yet just kept saying no, no, no, yet wouldn’t tell me what they were actually looking for.  How lame and exasperating.  Ahh, the realities I’m learning as a writer.  So with that, screw it!  I’m sharing this piece directly with y’all instead.  Hope you like!

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.
– Unknown

In 2012, “ambiguity” was my theme – dealing with it, fearing it, and eventually learning to…

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