A Brisk Walk Before Bedtime

A brisk walk before bedtime really warms ya up so your cold sheets aren’t so cold.  Yup, it happened again. Three ewes ended up in the wrong pasture again.  

When I went to feed the sheep for the evening three were on the wrong side of the fence. A different fence this time. They could see their sisters munching away on the yummy hay, knew where they wanted to be, and couldn’t fathom how they could possibly get home; this annoying fence was in the way.

I walked around through two gates to lead them home.  The little smart one started following me right away, and the two fat ones convinced her the opening must be along the fence right there facing the barn. Each time I got them headed the right way they circled back to the fence WITH NO GATE. Their logic? This fence faces the barn.  We must have come through this fence. Any teens reading this take notes – peer pressure can lead you astray big time.

J came out to help to no avail. We decided to leave them there for the night.  Who knows? Maybe they will figure it out on their own (snort, giggle, giggle.) I’d roll in the pasture laughing, but yuck!

After a tasty dinner and a Doc Martin movie I headed out to lock the chickens in. Sure ‘nuf there those three ewes were out in the pasture.  J suggested a bucket of grain to lure them in.

I cut through the barn and she met me with the bucket of grain on the other side of the fence.  Trust me, you do not want to cross through a flock of sheep with a bucket of grain. The resulting mob and trampling makes Walmart look tame at Christmas.

I hopped the fence (carrying a bucket of grain and a flashlight, I feel so athletic) rather than take the long way. Miracle of miracle those girls were following me.  Until I got halfway to the gate; back they went to stand along the fence baaing pitifully.  No amount of grain would convince them this was the way to the gate.

There’s a life lesson here.  Let me think on it a bit.

I tried one more time to lead my little flock home.   Two were coming along, and one went back to stand with the third at the fence. The one I had continued to follow the sound of the grain bucket and my proffered handfuls of grain. As we went through the first gate and were approaching the second (and final) gate I saw the lightbulb come on. All thoughts of grain went out of her head and she headed home to dinner and a warm place to sleep.  

The object lesson here? Sometimes to reach your goal you need to take the long way around.  Don’t be discouraged by what your friends and aquaintences tell you.  Stick with who you trust and you’ll end up warm and safe and fed while they spend a February night under the stars eating grass.

Good night chickens, good night sheep.


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