So Last Century

Today was “start to find my way around my new town day”. What better place to begin than the local library which is huge? A bibliophile’s paradise. I had been there once before to meet friends to carpool to a spin-in, but never inside.  It is beautiful and modern; stacks that are easy to find your way around in, self checkout, a copy center, banks of computers, and even a store for The Friends of the Library. 

First stop the customer service desk for a library card. Easy, right? Nope. I have to show my driver’s license; pretty normal. But, and here’s the problem: I also need to show an official piece of mail like, oh say, a phone bill, a credit card bill, or a bank statement that shows my local address.  I’m a 21st century gal that hates piles of paper and has totally latched onto the convenience of paperless statements.  I have no bills that come to my mailbox. Every last bill I receive comes via email, not snail mail. My filing has never been easier. Stacks of paper gone (except for junk mail which goes into the recycling). The only snail mail I actually receive is personal, not official. I even get to bask in the glory of saving trees. But can I get a library card with full privileges? Nope. I can only check five items out at a time.

I said to the nice lady, “Wow, when I walked in here I though you were so 21st century.”

And she replied, “We are very 21st century. But we still need to see an official piece of mail.”

So I checked out four of my limit of five items; two play-aways and two books. Maybe the sheep and chickens would like me to read them “Rin-Tin-Tin” each evening as a bed-time story.

Good night chickens, good night sheep.



2 thoughts on “So Last Century

  1. This comes up on library forums…everybody is trying to figure out how to deal with the changes. Seems like each system is trying something different. Eventually there will be solutions 😉

    • There is a need for more definite id up here in tourist (and transient) country. I was able to contact my insurance agent and he has emailed me an updated card so I don’t have to wait for a new one to be mailed. I’m very excited we have such a nice library here.

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