First Step: Find My Bed

Day 1: Sheep dreams have launched! As of yesterday I have officially moved onto my friends farm as an intern. Yup, the kind with no pay.  If any of you know anybody in Port Angeles who is hiring please let me know. Preferably something cushy and part time.

The definition of moved onto, is of course open to discussion. My stuff is here, I am here, but nothing is where it should be. It’s in piles in my room.

Yesterday was crazy.  I left Port Orchard with my friend Gina in tow and two hours later we were in Port Angeles. The house was open, as promised. But, my room was still furnished and the promised help wasn’t scheduled to arrive for another hour. We rolled up our sleeves and began moving stuff out of the room and my stuff out of the truck in. A quick call to the U-Haul place to let them know we wouldn’t make the 3:00 return time and back to work.  Dave arrived and between the three of us everything was in the room and Gina and I were ready to head back to Port Orchard by 2:30. Thank you, Gina, I couldn’t have done it without you.

After dropping Gina off I headed back to my old place to pick up a few little things and do a quick vacuum of my old, now very empty room. I had a last cup of tea with Christine and rested for a bit. When it was time to leave it was hard saying goodbye to Maxine the cat.  She has been my buddy for eighteen months now and is the sweetest and most peculiar cat ever.  She is off on her own adventure – becoming a boat kitty. She’ll have to start her own blog.

Then back into the car for the last two hour trek of the day to the farm in Port Angeles.

As I surveyed the piles of stuff in my new room I realized two things. There was no room on the bed for me, and, I couldn’t take my contacts out until I found my glasses.  Located my glasses almost immediately and in short order shoved the boxes over onto one half of the bed and I slept on the other half in my sleeping bag; my pillow tucked into my new sheep pillowcase (thank you Joyce).


Day 2: My most interesting task today was feeding the chickens left over spaghetti noodles.  I’ve never seen spaghetti disappear so quickly.  Lickety split and it was gone.

The sheep have accepted me as an okay person and possible friend. They were suspicious, at first, but have realized I have the ability to bring them food.  When it was time to pitch straw down for them they were very helpful in spreading it around as fast as I could pitch it.

Now I’m just waiting for the lights in the coops to go out so I can tuck them in for the night.

Good night chickens, good night sheep.

Tomorrow? Time to explore my new town.



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