Danger Will Robinson…Danger! (Don’t forget to flail your arms)

Very Important Memo:

Due to the risk of forwarding email and using the web for business we will be removing all desk top computers.  Employees will be provided ruled notebooks, carbon paper, and pens as old school typewriters are no longer available on the market except as collector items.  To expedite interoffice forwarding we will be installing vacuum tubes connecting each cubicle with the accounting and shipping offices.  If you need to forward a message to another cubicle we will mark appropriate aisles to use with red lines to prevent collisions in high traffic areas.  If a message needs to be forwarded to an outside location (ex: a buyer or rep) please feel free to use the U.S. Postal machine and envelopes as needed.


The Management

My response to the paranoid cracking down of internet and email usage at work.  By paranoid we are no longer allowed to send attachments and cannot program our outgoing email to add a signature line.  This has been going on for several weeks and no-one can tell us when we can resume normal email activities.  Is this any way to run a business?  “I’m sorry, I can’t email you a copy of your invoice (your price list, photo, product description, etc) as i.t. has forbidden attachments.  Maybe you should consider doing business with a business operating in the 21st century.  We apologize for the inconvenience.”

That’s just me for now.


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