What if? A Little Question Full of Potential

What if?  Is my favorite question because it opens up a world of possibilities, takes the fear out of change, and appeals to my odd sense of humor.

I use it all the time as a designer:

  • What if I used a different (color, weight, texture) yarn?
  • What if I change my needle or hook size?
  • What if I move this from here to there…don’t do this at all…swap this with that..?

I use it all the time in life:

  • What if I turn this way instead of that way?  This one brings out the explorer in me, it’s why I never get lost.  All roads South of 16 in my town all lead to my house.  Why?  Because at every (and I mean every) intersection there is a choice and both ways will get you there.  I’ve decided I live at the center of a great big geographic maze.
  • What if I tie my shoe this way instead of that way?  Wow!  The pain from my high arches/high instp virtually disappeared overnight.
  • What if I workout by myself?  I lose weight and became fit again.  What if I work out with a friend?  We both lose weight and become fit and keep up with all the gossip.

And that leads me to my sense of humor and natural curiosity.

I walk on the track at the YMCA.  On even days you walk clockwise and on odd days you walk counterclockwise.  Not sure why:  Does the track need balancing out? Does it prevent one leg from becoming stronger than the other? So the other day I was the only one at the track when I arrived.  The directions are clearly posted in big blue letters with convenient arrows.  As I counted on my fingers to figure out if was an odd or even day (usually I just look at what direction the others are going) I wondered, “What if I, the only player on the track, chose to walk the wrong way?  Would the others see me going the other direction upon arrival and assume that was the correct direction?”  It would make for an interesting social experiment. Are people truly sheep and would just follow along?  How many would follow?  How many would walk the correct direction?  How many would hem and haw and hesitate?  Would anybody try to correct me? 

Track direction is a relatively minor question in life.  What about the bigger questions regarding right and wrong?  If I know what is right (insert whatever issue here) and I choose not to do it, how many will follow behind me and do the wrong thing assuming I, the leader, would not lead them astray.

What way are you walking on the track?


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