A Cat-Shaped Hole

Today was a beautiful day here in Western Washington.  I started my weekend with a walk with a friend and a quick trip to the local farmer’s market, where I scored a great deal on a strawberry basket, and then off to the library.  The day was quite warm (90 degrees) and I could not bring myself to touch anything fiber related.  I spent most of the afternoon with my book and  the bad kitty following the shade as it moved.

We ended up in front of the barn which stays shaded most of the day.  Because large vehicles are moved in and out of the barn on a regular basis there are a couple dips right in front of the doors.  One of these was perfectly cat shaped and that is where the bad kitty spent his afternoon completely at rest and sound asleep.  By perfectly cat shaped what I mean is no matter what position he was in (curled in a ball, shaped like a colin, or stretched out like three weeks laundry) he was perfectly level with the surrounding sod and the grass lining was apparently the right degree of softness.  A cat shaped inkspot on the cool green grass; perfectly content and safe.

In a way I’m still looking for my perfectly cat (well, Andrea) shaped hole in the universe.  The spot where I can be perfectly content and safe.  A spot where I fit in seamlessly.  A spot made just for me.


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