Putting the Right Spin on Things

So I have a date on Sunday.  A real date.  He met me at a party a year ago and has been asking the host for my number ever since.  I say he met me rather than we met because  I can’t remember what he looks like.  I went to the same party this past weekend and the host told me this guy had been interested but couldn’t make the party this year.  So the plan was he was going to call the host at some point and I would speak to him on the phone and see how things went.  That phone call never happened.  Probably for one of several reasons:

  • He chickened out (probably not because he sounded really confident on the phone – a BIG plus in my book)
  • He called after I left (I had to leave while the party was in full swing because I have to be at the track for my workout at 6:30am) Of course it was 10:00 when I left…
  • He called but the jam session was too loud and rocking (made it hard to leave) and nobody heard the phone ring

Never-the-less he called this afternoon, while I was spinning.  He asked what I was doing, so I lied, “Oh just hangin’ out on the deck trying to cool off.”  It sounded less backward than, “Oh, sitting at my vintage Ashford Traditional spinning some merino wool into yarn.” 

He asked, “What have you been up to?” 

My mind went, “Spinning, knitting, crocheting, designing while I’m not a work supporting my habit.”

I said, “Wow, I’ve been keeping quite busy, you know.”

What part of my primeval brain thinks that the things I do for fun are backward, weird, or like something women living in a commune might do?  Because frankly, I think my hobbies and dreams are pretty cool.  A lot of suave, professional, hip ladies I know indulge in the same habit of playing with all things fiber.

So I think on Sunday instead of whipping out photos of my kids (I have no kids unless you count the bad kitty) I’ll whip out photos of my crafts.  If he runs for the hills that’s o.k. ’cause that’s whar ma kin-folk live and they’ll hunt him down for me.  Seriously, I’m a quarter hillbilly.

Now, how to put the right spin on how I’m not so good at housework….


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