It’s Been a Little While…

It’s been a little while since my last post.  I landed in the real world after my vacation to the Lacis Museum in Berkeley with a big bump.  Between working, teaching, and starting a new walking program I’ve been go, go, go. 

I’ve made minimal progress on my Irish Crochet collar since it’s been hard to find time just to sit and work on it.   I’ve been working on my spinning and because of spinning outside in the evening I’ve quite the collection of mosquito bites on my legs.  I’m wondering where the bats are that used to be so kind as to eat said mosquitos.

On my wheel right now is some lovely Chiengora.  O.K. it’s dog hair (Siberian Husky to be exact) blended with Merino wool.  My spinning group is working on a project to benefit the NW Siberian Husky Rescue.  The fiber I’m spinning comes from Snowkittens Kennel here in Washington.  My plan is to crochet a lace scarf or shawl with blue beads the same color as the dogs eyes.

I have two drop spindles going.  On one is some purple wool from New Zealand and on the other some lovely brown California Variegated Mutant.   No project plans for either of them, just enjoying the practice and the process.

I’ve decided I need a wheel to fit in my car.  I’ve been looking for a used Ashford Traveler (no luck so far) and was introduced by m friend Laura to a wheel called the Hitch-Hiker and it’s kid brother the Road Bug.  While inquiring on-line was then introduced to the Pocket Wheel made locally here in Washington.  The price alone precludes the Pocket Wheel for me (about double the Hitch-hiker and Road  Bug) but I haven’t ruled it out.  Decisions, decisions.

I think that brings you up to speed on what I’ve been up to.

Ta ta for now!


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