5 reasons to mug a cake in 5 minutes (via :: epicurean escapism ::)

O.K. I log on to type my blog for the day. I have thoughts about my spinning groups bbq yesterday, the beautiful turquoise roving that came in the mail today, the California Varigated Mutant I’m playing with. And what happens? I read this blog. “5 reasons to mug a cake in 5 minutes.” Yes, this blog has sent all clever thoughts and witticisms right out of my lovely head and I am sopping up drool off of the keyboard. Enjoy, this cakes on me. Thank-you epicurian escapism for this delectible moment.

5 reasons to mug a cake in 5 minutes If you're having a lil déjà vu and think you've seen the above photograph on a site or two, it means you're following me on Twitter, and are privy to the fact that I've included this recipe when I guest-blogged over at Chai & Biskut a couple of days ago, and mentioned it on my other blog. Now if you find the photograph absolutely new to you, it means you must surely have a good excuse for not following me on Twitter you're missing out on the … Read More

via :: epicurean escapism ::


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