Irish Crochet: Day 5

Today was the last day of class.  It started with a brisk walk to Crixa Cakes to meet up with Audrey and Patty for pastries and coffee.  I indulged in a Fatima’s Thigh(a tasty pastry filled with almonds, currants, and rose and orange blossom water) and a Cafe au Lait.  A fine start to the morning.  We exchanged contact info and shared favorite websites.  Project Gutenberg ( is now on my bookmarked list.  Free downloads of thousands of out of copyright books, including “The Ladies Workbook” which contains instructions for the Rose D’Oyley crocheted doily I’m going to help Audrey interpret into modern vernacular.

In class we were all disappointed Anne wasn’t there.  She is a lively personality and keeps us on our toes.  I worked primarily on the Clones Knot mesh and began the edging on my collar.  It’s amazing how long this teeny-tiny piece takes.  I think the results are worth the effort.

Wendy Gilmore brought in her tatted lace (another craft we both have a passion for) that she has made.  Everything from an exquisite baby cap to dainty doilies and table toppers.  Another treat was provided by Loretta.  Let me tell you about Loretta.  She is a spunky lady who is battling Muscular Sclerosis.  Though she uses a walker and is losing fine motor skills she has not let life beat her down. She brought in some beautiful handspun organic cotton spun by her along with a personalized washcloth she had knitted with intricate cables.

To top the day off Jules Kliot (one of the founders of Lacis Museum) brought us in a heavenly tiramisu from, you guessed it, Crixa Cakes.  So we ended our day where we had begun.  Delicious pastry shared by new friends.


One thought on “Irish Crochet: Day 5

  1. Hi Andrea
    I’m reading your blogs on our lovely weekend in Lacis. Its bringing back so many lovely memories, including the tiramasu cake that Jules brought us in, on the last day. That night, after the workshop ended, I went out for a meal with Erin, to an Ethiopian restuarant. I had never heard that such a type of restaurant existed, but it was really unusual. Erin told me that Jules had never bought a cake for the group before, to end a workshop. She said he really enjoyed the interaction of the weekend. It’s great that we all got on so well. Hopefully, we’ll get to it all again, next year. btw, I’m working on my own blog at the moment, so I’ll keep you posted when I get it finished.

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