Irish Crochet: Day 4

Wow.  I’m actually blogging on the same day as class instead of the next morning.  Interesting things today.  Received a “compliment” from a homeless guy, “Wow, you are nicely plump.”  Had a large bug in my (up until that point) delicious Chili and Lime Shrimp Rice Noodle Salad.  It’s wings were gone, not gonna ask where they went. Was able to complete all of my motifs this morning and began my mesh in the afternoon:

In this photo you can see the motifs on the template and I’ve begun chaining them together.  Irish Crochet is very free form.  There is no easy way to “write” a pattern, which explains the lack of available authentic patterns.  The choice of motifs is up to the crocheter as is their placement.  The mesh (in this case with the Clones Knot) is entirely freeform.  There is a lot of eyeballing and estimating.  I love that no two pieces are identical. 

The students in the class have varying responses to this freeform-ness. Some embrace it fully, some resist it entirely (pulling out rulers and measuring everything), and most are in the middle.  I am in the latter category.  The good news is everybody has a great sense of humor and laughter is heard throughout the day. 

The best part is the new friends I am making.  One thing I find about the fiber arts time and time again is the comradery that developes immediately when a group of us get together.  It doesn’t matter where we are from, where we are headed to, or what our walk of life is.  What matters is we share a common passion.


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