IrishCrochet: DayTwo

O.K.  I’ve officially added the following to my vocabulary:

  • That is lovely
  • Make a wee buttony
  • Brilliant (o.k. I added this one when my friend Kristina married an irishman)

I am enjoying my class immensly.  The instructor is Maire Treanor and she began by sharing pieces out of her antique lace collection (lovely) and pieces of her own work (brilliant).

For those of you not familiar with Irish crochet take a wee peek:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My fellow students come from all walks of life and as far away as Alaska.  Two originally came from Scotland and Russia and have emigrated to America. Everybody is really nice and I’ve learned so much from the others.

 I wasn’t aware we could make motifs ahead of time so I spent yesterday crocheting flowers, shamrocks, and wee buttonies. I have several more to make for my baby collar so I will continue to do so today.  I can hardly wait for 10:00 to get here.

Tata for now!


One thought on “IrishCrochet: DayTwo

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the class! And the lace in the photos is lovely – you know how I love all that “stuff.” Thanks for sharing them!

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