All Crummy Things Considered

So did you ever do that exercise where you draw a line down the center of a page and you list all the negative things (about a situation, a decision, something going on), and you list all the positive things down the right?  It’s supposed to help with decision making or help to adjust your perspective on a situation.  I must be pessimistic (I prefer the word cautious) because I typically seem to come up with more negatives.

Example:  Going to the zoo


  • The Lion House Stinks
  • The monkeys are loud and might throw poop at me
  • The birds in the aviary will poop on me
  • I’ll be too (pick one) hot, cold, hungry, cranky
  • The souvenirs are too expensive


  • I’ll get to see my brother who was locked up in the monkey cage a few years ago.  We can’t convince the keepers he’s human, not simian
  • I’ll get to have a good time with my friends
  • My friends will get poop thrown at them and I’ll get to laugh

Get the picture?  The interesting thing overall is I really do have a positive (I prefer maniacal) view on my life.  I really only have three negatives:

  • My crummy job
  • My crummy house
  • My old car (which I LOVE, but would rather have as my project car and own a newer commuter)

What’s interesting is the second two are directly related to the first, so maybe I only have one negative.  On the positive side my life has been chock full of good people and memorable events:

  • Friends from college (sorry, can’t remember some of your names): Greg the guy who tried to capture electricity as a kid using a paperclip and discovered its shockingly hard to do so, the girl in my German V class who smoked clove cigarettes, my friend Larry (I do remember your last name) who taught me about flea markets and about existentialism, and who would meet me for lunch at a little vegetarian cafe off campus before vegetarian eating was cool.
  • Family members: Cousin Karen who fought with me over the lawn chair while waiting to watch the Detroit Thanksgiving parade.  The same Karen who later invited me to visit for a week in New York.  My brothers and cousin Kris who explored the island together as kids.  Now you all have our own kids.  And each of my  four nieces, what a joy you are!
  • Friends now: at A Good Yarn, at my spinning group, at church, even at my crummy job.  You are all such a blessing to me.
  • Events: crewing at SCCA racing events with Road Rage Racing.  I miss you guys!  Sitting in Karen’s apartment in New York sharing a pint of REALLY frozen Ben and Jerry’s with her and her roommates by chipping off a bit and passing it to the next person, Going on the underground tour in Seattle with Zac and my cousin Kris (who are now married with kids), climbing up sugarloaf mountain in Michigan and oohing and awing at the view of Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula Bible Camp (way too many good times to list them all here), being on the road in my mid twenties and exploring the western United States.

I can just keep on typing about all the good in my life, but I’d probably wear the letters right off my keyboard.  Have a happy 4th of July everyone, and be as dangerous and crazy as you feel like.


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