Traveling Critters and Local Yarn Shops

There is now a 6’x6’ area cleared in my living room. A little more rearranging of stuff and the wheel will have a home.

We have finally had several nice days in a row and I have been able to go out on my deck with the wheel and practice spinning. The other night I filled the only bobbin I had. A pleasant drive out to the Allyn Knit shop and I now have two more bobbins to play with. Thank you Lois!

I’m looking forward to our spinning group meeting on Sunday; I have bright green merino single ply for show-and-tell this time. Just like kindergarten.

R.K. (Road Kill) Squirrel has arrived back from his trip to New York. He came back sporting a piercing. I didn’t realize he had a punk side or a thing for safety pins. And, He brought me a t-shirt from Brooklyn General. Overall he had a very enjoyable trip. I am still awaiting the return of his friend Roadkill Possum from his trip to Bainbridge Island, WA.

I am very fortunate. I live in an area with plenty of local yarn shops. I love my local yarn shops because I can find a great selection of yarn not available at the big box stores and often they can order in what I need; the employees and other customers share my enthusiasm for all things fiber; and I have made so many great friends through classes and social times. I shop most often at A Good Yarn in Port Orchard, WA. Very convenient as it is less than a three minute drive from where I work. Within a half hour/40 minute drive from my home I have 3 or 4 other yarn shops. If I feel like making a day of it there are a bazillion yarn shops about an hours drive away in Seattle. I also make a point while traveling of seeking out a local yarn shop. Often they feature yarn spun locally and patterns by local designers.

My current thoughts turn to how to fit an Ashford Traditional into a Mazda Miata. Any suggestions?


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