The Weekend is Here!

According to Google the Pacific Northwest is due for  nice weekend.  Oh please, oh please, oh please!

We’ve had, shall I say, a very damp and grey spring. Very.  Very damp…and grey.  I crave the warmth of the sun. 

I grew up in the midwest where we got sun year ’round.  Even when it was 40 below windchill factor we had brilliant sunny days.  You could always tell the skiers because they had tan faces year round.  Here in Western Washington the only people with tans are those who’ve headed to Hawaii or Mexico for vacation.  The rest of us are pale, damp, and grey.  The recommended dose for vitamin D here is twice the that of the rest of the states. 

So, why do I live here?  The natural beauty is absolutely fabulous.  All the rain means everything is green and growing pretty much year round.  On one side I have the Cascade mountains, on another the Olympics.  And the water is everywhere.  I live in a harbor town, the ocean is a short drive to the coast, roads are not straight as they twist around the sound.  There is even a rainforest in the NW corner of the state.  And of course Eastern Washington is a gorgeous desert.

Fiber artists abound here; spinners, dyers, weavers, knitters (I find it fascinating that the spell check thinks the word “knickers” is more appropiate here), crocheters (cricketers is the suggestion here) and so on.  Our local yarn shops carry not only national and recognizable brands but also local varieties of yarn and patterns by local designers.  I am big on supporting local businesses and the attitude is prevalent here in the Pacific Northwest.

So, tomorrow I’m meeting a good friend for breakfast (at Kelly’s a local restaurant) and then heading up the hill to our local farmer’s market;  rain or shine, ’cause hey,  we’re used to the grey and damp here.

As my friend Sandy says, that’s just me for now. 🙂


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