Why The Dark Side of Cute?

Do you really want to know?

The subtitle on my Dark Side of Cute Pattern’s is, “Things you want to make but your family would rather you didn’t.”

There is a part in all of us that is fascinated by the darker things in life. It’s why movies like “Death Becomes Her” or t.v. shows like “Dead Like Me” are popular. Death both repels and intrigues us.

If you have a weak stomach you maywish to skip the next paragraph. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

My earliest memory of death (not mine) is from my chidhood. I was probably 5 or 6. My best friend at the time and I walked to the corner of our street and found a dead cat in the ditch, complete with maggots. (I told you not to read this paragraph if you had a weak stomach. Sheesh.) It was repulsive (you could not have paid my six year old self with all the frozen ding-dongs in the world to touch that thing, not even with a stick) but it was fascinating. I have no idea how long Lisa and and stood there staring and discussing said cat. I do know we were in BIG trouble when we got home. Mothers do not take well to dead cats or walking to the busy end of the street alone.

The Dark Side ofCute started as Cuteness Central. I designed perfectly normal items (and still do). Beautiful lace scarves, soft and snuggly mitts, jeweled chokers, and adorable stuffed animals.

And then, the conversation with Joyce.

You’ve all hadthose converasations. Someone suggests something funny, you suggest something funnier and pretty soon you’re far away from the original topic and laughing so hard you can’t talk.

A brief outline: amigurumi toys, raccoons, possums, dead raccoons, dead possums, dead possums with their guts out, mechanics of designing a dead possum with it’s guts out…and then, mybest selling pattern on Etsy…Road Kill Possum. Which has just been joined by R.K. (Road Kill) Squirrel. http://www.theDarkSideofCute.etsy.com.

The Dark Side of Cute’s items are not meant to be vulgar or gross, just meant to tickle that little part of your brain that sees the humor in all things dark.


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