Still Living in C.H.A.O.S. – Just not as much.

The livingroom is still a work in progress.  The corner where the spinning wheel will live is getting cleared out bit by bit.   Next step  is the purchase of a couple of storage bins for the two market bags of yarn. 

I own more market bags now than any one person should, especially a person not shopping for a family.  The cycle started like this, “Hmmm.  I should get a couple of those market bags for grocery shopping.  It would certainly cut down on the amount of plastic bags accumulating at my house.”

The bags worked great as shopping bags until the next time I needed a project bag.  So I would purchase a couple more bags on my next trip and swear they would only be for shopping.   Until my next project needed a bag.  And then I discovered they could hold a prodigious amount of yarn.  So now one bag holds all of the Kertzer Northern Worsted I use for The Dark Side of Cute’s models (  and the other is full of crochet thread.

On a brighter note, God smiled upon the Pacific Northwest yesterday and gave us the rare full day of sunshine.  I was able to take the wheel out onto my deck where I could spin to my heart’s content.  I think I am beginning to get the hang of it.


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