OMG There is a Spinning Wheel Part Two

48 Hours since my last blog and I confess not much progress has been made in making room for my borrowed spinning wheel.  In my defense: I do work a full time job, I just had to go to Social Knitting at my LYS (local yarn shop), and to book club, and out to dinner tonight wth friends.  I must not stray from my policy of dropping anything mudane (such as housework) to go play with friends.

However, the wheel is truly in my living room and no longer living in the line of traffic.  The gihugic (pronounced jy-hue-jik) box of Dove premium chocolate (and by gihugic I mean gihugic) that was in my living room is now unpacked and residing in the space cleared by cleaning & rearrangng half of my kitchen.

Now, I am not referring to actual rooms in my house.  You see, my house is more like a studio apartment that stands by itself.  It has 400 sq ft of living space.  That’s it.  No more.  Nada.  The bedroom is separate, as is the bathroom, but no doors.  The remaining space is divided into what I call the office (my desk), the living room (about 2/3 of the main room), my kitchen (the remaining 1/3), the laundry room (a closet) and the front entry (the space I have to leave clear so I can open the front door.)

It’s snug considering I cook, knit, crochet, spin, design, and run a part time business out of my home. Susy homemaker I am not. 

Hmmmm, should I watch Hetty Wainthrop Myteries or clean some more?  You guess!


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